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  Tribal Artifacts and Spiritual Offerings

50 Year Collection 

 Authentic artifacts and Tribal Masks and Statues, art decor from Africa, Bali, Thailand, India, Nepal, Tibet, Laos, New Guinea, Lombok, Timor, Sumba, Borneo, Java, etc.

Pendants and Statues Master Carved from
Rare Ancient Fossil Mammoth &
Walrus Ivory and Bone
~ We Do NOT Buy or Sell Elephant Ivory of Any Age {don't even ask} ~ We only deal in Ancient thousand year old Extinct Fossil Ivory before the modern elephant ever existed.

Update  ~  I have already started retiring ~  Our Personal Collection of the Finest RARE Fossil Ivory Carvings is NOW    A last time opportunity to own one of these fantastic carvings  ~ We are also selling our collections of Tribal Arts, Art, Etchings, Sterling Silver  and Antiques ~   Thank you to all my wonderful past customers ... many blessings 

We will be building our Web Site in 2018 and plan to have 1000 more new items of all kinds. All sales final.

We have a  Tribal Gallery in Akron Ohio at 194 Myrtle Place, off Maple st. near the corner of W. Market and S. Maple St. in downtown Akron Ohio filled with amazing items.

We are OPEN by Appointment or chance only. We have no set Gallery Hours.  Don't be Shy, We will Gladly make Appointments  to see our Tribal Gallery please call Eric at 330-434-1010 or Email  

 ~  WE ARE OPEN BY APPOINTMENT OR BY CHANCE ~  PLEASE CALL ANYTIME  330- 434-1010 ~ PLEASE check here for updates and Hours. 

 Please Call Eric at 330-434-1010. 

We Always Have The Unusual








We can not be responsible for lost or damaged products in shipping. INSURANCE is available upon request.  We guarantee our descriptions to be accurate .  International shipping can be complicated. Please email for rates to your country.

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