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Fossilized Ivory Carving

We Do NOT Buy or Sell Elephant Ivory of Any Age {don't even ask} ~ We only deal in Ancient thousand year old Extinct Fossil Ivory before the modern elephant ever existed.
During the warm summer months, after the permafrost ground has thawed, on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Straights, Siberian Yupic Eskimo People traditionally go to their summer camps to hunt, fish and dig for Ivory walrus tusks that their ancestors left behind as long as 5,000 years ago. This ancient Fossil Ivory is unique, very beautiful and becoming increasingly scarce. Some of the Ivory pieces found were tools and artifacts but are no longer recognizable as such. The Ancient Fossil Mammoth & Walrus Ivory used in some of these piece is from Kukkuluk Village which became uninhabited toward the end of the nineteenth century. These pieces are hand carved, drilled, polished and handled with deep regard for the people who once depended upon this material for their survival. The unique Variegated color and texture in the Ivory, is from mineral absorption, Weather, and freezing over the Centuries. With respect for the natural world, I use NO materials from Endangered Species. We NEVER use or sell Elephant ivory of any age. A Cites permit was issued to bring these carvings to and from Bali . And all Customs & U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Inspections & Cites Permits were complied with each and every Ivory carving we sell. 

Spirit Art inspires and moves the wordless places within, that connect with the soul. Each carving , Human form, Goddess, or Spirit Animal, has endured a great journey, both of time and distance. Each one creates it's own Story. 

 ~  At 68, I have already started retiring this year 2016 ~   Our AMAZING 30 year Personal Collection of the Finest RARE Fossil Ivory Carvings is NOW  starting to be offered for sale over the next year on our web site.   A last time opportunity to own one of these fantastic carvings  we have personally collected ~ We are also selling our collections of Tribal Arts, Art, Etchings, Sterling Silver  and Antiques ~ Some listed fossil carvings will be discounted now as marked.  Thank you to all my wonderful past customers ... many blessings ~ No International Shipping ~

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