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Bone Carvings & Pendants

Our Beautifully Master Carved Bone, is carved from the Indonesian Water Buffalo bone ~ They also have good-sized Horns that are carved as well.  These animals are used in the rice fields, and are not killed for there bone or horn, they are far more useful in the rice fields.  When they die, nothing is wasted. The bone is Sterilized and Bleached (has to for our US customs).  Our gem Quality Bone has a close grain, and carves smoothly taking a bright polish. Indonesian Water Buffalo Bone is much less costly than Raw Alaskan Fossil Ivory which is increasingly scarce.  We buy the Finest Quality bone in Bali, carved by the same Master Artisans that carve our Fossil Ivory.   The bail is Sterling Silver . ALL sales Final.  
respect for the natural world, I use NO materials from Endangered Species.

Spirit Art inspires and moves the wordless places within, that connect with the soul.  Each carving (Human form, Goddess, or Spirit Animal), has endured a great journey, both of time and distance.  Each one creates it’s own Story.


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